Hi! My name is Siddhant Patil. You can also call me Sid :)


I recently graduated with a Master’s in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington and have been working as a UX Designer at UW School of Nursing. Previously, I worked as a Software Developer after completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering.


The cross-disciplinary background allows me to bridge the gaps between research, design and engineering.
When designing solutions I think not only about the interface, but also about how the entire system works; how the different parts connect with each other and work together. This ability helps me keep my team grounded and ensure that our designs are practical.
I work best in dynamic environments, with a passion for making things as efficient and effective as possible.

design philosophy

I believe that Design is just like the Force from Star Wars. It is omnipresent and eternal. It always plays its part, regardless of our cognizance. Simple technologies can become strong with its support while complex, feature-packed ones can be weak without it. It is neutral in itself and has the potential for good or evil. Our duty as the creators of technology is to wield this Force positively and responsibly.